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Schizodon altoparanae - first record from Paraguay

Schizodon altoparanae - Ota et al 2018
Schizodon altoparanae
(photo from Ota et al., 2018)

first record from Paraguay:
Schizodon altoparanae Garavello & Britski, 1990

published in:
Garavello, J.C. & H.A. Britski (2019):
Redescription of Schizodon dissimilis and appraisal of the dark barred species of the genus (Characiformes: Anostomidae).
Neotropical Ichthyology 17 (3): e180035. 10 p.

This first record for Paraguay has not been stated explicitly, but is implied by including a collection lot of Schizodon altoparanae from Salto de Guairá, San Ramón, Limoy, Itaipu hydroelectric dam, in the comparative material.

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Schizodon altoparanae - first record from Paraguay

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