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Amaralia hypsiura is not a species from Argentina

Amaralia hypsiura, photo: John P. Friel

not a species from Argentina:
Amaralia hypsiura (Kner, 1855)

López et al. (2003) give a record of Amaralia hypsiura (sub A. hypsiurus) from Argentina referring to the only known argentinean specimen from río San Javier in Santa Fé province. Ferriz & Gómez (2002) provide information about a second argentinean specimen from the lower río Paraguay.
Friel (1994, 2003) indicates an undescribed species from the Paraguay-Paraná-system and restricts the distribution of A. hypsiura to the Amazon basin (2003). Friel (2000) also proposes the working name Amaralia ‘oviraptor’ for a new species, unavailable until published in the sense of the ICNZ, and without confirming that this name refers to the species from the Río de la Plata basin.
As long as the new species is not formally described, records from localities in Argentina should be referred to as Amaralia sp.

published in:

Ferriz, R. & S.E. Gómez (2002):
Primer registro de Amaralia hypsiura (Pisces, Aspredinidae) para la baja cuenca del río Paraguay y apuntes a su morfometría.
Historia Natural (Segunda Serie) 1 (1): 1-3

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Amaralia Fowler 1954. Version 14 April 2000 (under construction).
downloaded from on 15. Aug.2006

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Amaralia hypsiura - Ferriz & Gómez (2002) Primer registro de Amaralia hypsiura (Pisces, Aspredinidae) para la baja cuenca del río Paraguay y apuntes a su morfometría. [24 KB]
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