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Astyanax correntinus comb.nov.

Astyanax correntinus (from publication)

new combination and confirmed for Argentina:
Astyanax correntinus (Holmberg, 1891)

Tetranogopterus correntinus, as originally described by Holmberg in 1891, has been subject to various changes regarding the genus during the last years.
López, Miquelarena & Menni (2003) list Astyanax correntinus, together with A. pelegrini as species from Argentina. Later Miquelarena & Menni (2005) provided a key to the species of the genus Astyanax found in Argentina, but here followed Gery (1977) by including both species in Ctenobrycon. Therefore both species have not been included in the proposed key for argentinean Astyanax. Benine & Cassati (2003; in the paper cited as Lima et al.) listed Astyanax correntinus and A. pelegrini both as ‘species inquirendae’ sub Ctenobrycon.
The recent paper confirms that both species are members of the genus Astyanax and that A. correntinus is a species from Argentina. For A. pelegrini no Argentinean material was available for the present research.

published in:
Mirande, J.C, M. Azpelicueta & G. Aguilera (2006):
Redescription of Astyanax correntinus (Holmberg, 1891) (Teleostei: Characiformes: Characidae), more than one hundred years after original description.
Zoologische Abhandlungen (Dresden) 55: 9-15

abstract (from publication):
Astyanax correntinus (Holmberg, 1891) is redescribed with recently collected material from the río Paraná near Corrientes city, northeast of Argentina. This species is distinguished by a combination of characters: (1) the possession of 8/6–7 transverse scales; (2) the presence of 39–42 perforated scales in the lateral series; (3) the presence of iv–v, 29–33 anal-fi n rays; (4) the absence of circuli on posterior fi eld of scales; (5) the broad silvery lateral band; (6) a small rounded humeral spot, and (7) the presence of pentacuspidate outer premaxillary teeth. Several characters are compared with those of Astyanax pelegrini Eigenmann, 1907 from the río Paraguay, in Bahía Negra, Paraguay.

distribution and habitat (from publication):
The species is known from río Paraná in Perichón, near Corrientes City. Holmberg (1887) related several trips in which he collected different animals, including fishes. In the province of Corrientes, he only stayed at the Capital District and its vicinity; this information is useful because indicates that Holmberg collected the specimen of A. correntinus near Corrientes City, the capital district of the province, as the specimens studied herein. This additional material was collected with trawl net, at night. The place where these specimens were captured has sandy bottom and slow flowing water.

details (from publication):
…One of the species described from the rio Paraná is Astyanax correntinus (Holmber, 1891) based on one specimen which is apparently lost. Several authors (among others, Eigenmann, 1921; Pozzi, 1945; Ringuelet et al., 1967; Géry, 1978; Lima et al., 2003) have considered this species but none of them have examined specimens. The objective of this paper is the redescription of Astyanax correntinus, adding comparisons with A. pelegrini
… We consider both species as Astyanax because they do not have “ctenoid scales which are especially rough on the breast” (Eigenmann, 1908) which is the diagnostic character of the genus Ctenobrycon. The presence of ctenoid scales in C. alleni (Eigenmann & McAtee, 1907), a species present in the rivers Paraguay and Paraná, differentiates it from A. correntinus and A. pelegrini


Astyanax correntinus - Mirande, Azpelicueta & Aguilera (2006) Redescription of Astyanax correntinus [194 KB]
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