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Astyanax hermosus sp.nov.

new species:
Astyanax hermosus   Miquelarena, Protogino & López, 2005

type locality:
Argentina, Province of Córdoba, Punilla Department, Primero river basin, San Francisco river, Valle Hermoso (31°07’S 64°29’W); Holotype: ILPLA 1690 (78.5 mm SL, male)

distribution in Argentina:
only known from type locality

published in:
Miquelarena, M.A., L.C. Protogino & H.L. López (2005):
Astyanax hermosus, a new species from Primero River basin, Córdoba, Argentina (Characiformes, Characidae).
Revue Suisse de Zoologie 112 (1): 13-20

abstract (from publication):
A new species of the characid genus Astyanax is described from the endorheic Primero River basin, in central Argentina: Astyanax hermosus sp.n. This species can be distinguished from all other in the genus by the following combination of characters: body relatively low (33.1-38.7% SL); head short (23.5-27.1% SL); snout short (18.3-26.6% HL); interorbital broad (34.9-41.5% HL); maxilla with 1-3 teeth, usually one; iv-v, 17-22 anal-fin rays; 35-38 perforated scales on the lateral line; transverse scales 7/6; and distinctive color pattern, with Y-shaped humeral spot, a broad greyish longitudinal stripe on the flanks, extending weakly onto the middle caudal-fin rays, and extremely dark opercular, subopercular and preopercular regions. In addition, the males of the new species are distinguished by the presence of bony hooks in all their fins.

distribution and habitat (from publication):
Astyanax hermosus sp.n. is known only from San Francisco River, of the endorheic Primero River basin in the Valle Hermoso (31°07’S 64°29’W), Córdoba Province, Argentina. The locality, situated at 900 m a.s.l. is a typical mountain stream with fast-flowing current and gravely, rocky and sandy bottoms.

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