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Astyanax lacustris is a sr. synonym of A. asuncionensis

Astyanax lacustris
Astyanax lacustris (photo from publication)

new synonymy:
Astyanax lacustris (Lütken, 1875)
is a senior synonym of
Astyanax asuncionensis Géry, 1972

published in:
Lucena, C.A. & H. Gouvea Soares (2016):
Review of species of the Astyanax bimaculatus “caudal peduncle spot” subgroup sensu Garutti & Langeani (Characiformes, Characidae) from the rio La Plata and rio São Francisco drainages and coastal systems of southern Brazil and Uruguay.
Zootaxa 4072 (1): 101-125

abstract (from publication):
The species of the Astyanax bimaculatus 'caudal peduncle spot' subgroup of the drainages of the rios La Plata and São Francisco, as well as southeastern coastal systems of Brazil and Uruguay, are revised. Two nominal species are considered valid and are redescribed: Astyanax lacustris and A. abramis. Astyanax jacuhiensis, A. asuncionensis and A. altiparanae are recognized as new junior synonyms of A. lacustris. Bertoniolus paraguayensis is recognized as a new junior synonym of A. abramis. The names Astyanax orbignyanus, A. vittatus, and A. borealis are considered species inquirendae. Notes on A. maculisquamis, included in the 'caudal peduncle spot' subgroup from rio Guaporé (rio Madeira drainage), and Astyanax bahiensis from Bahia, mistakenly considered of the same subgroup, are presented.

CLOFFUY - update 3

Oligosarcus hepsetus - not a species from Argentina or Uruguay

Moenkhausia forestii - first record from Argentina

Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae - not a species from Argentina

Moenkhausia australis - confirmed for Argentina

Andromakhe gen.nov. - 5 comb.nov from Astyanax

Psalidodon - 30 comb.nov. from Astyanax

Psalidodon anisitsi comb.nov. from Hyphessobrycon

Deuterodon luetkenii comb.nov. from Hyphessobrycon

Deuterodon taeniatus comb.nov. from Astyanax

Hypostomus roseopunctatus - first record from Argentina

Megaleporinus piavussu - first record from Argentina

Corydoras longipinnis - first record from Uruguay

Hoplias argentinensis - first record from Uruguay

Odontesthes argentinensis - first record from freshwaters in Argentina

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