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Australoheros forquilha - not a species from Argentina

not a species from Argentina:
Australoheros forquilha Rican & Kullander, 2008

Australoheros forquilha was reported from Misiones based on non-type material in the description of the species. These lots were now assigned to A. ykeregua and the recent authors hypothesize the Moconá falls as the distribution limit between the two species. Thus, currently no specimens of A. forquilha are known from localities in Argentina.
In the future A. forquilha still might be reported from the río Pepirí Guazú and its right bank affluents, the only Argentinean part of the río Uruguay basin located above the Moconá falls.
Nevertheless and despite this possibilty, without new confirmative records A. forquilha should not be listed as part of the Argentinean ichthyofauna.

published in:
Rícan, O., L. Piálek, A. Almirón & J. Casciotta (2011):
Two new species of Australoheros (Teleostei: Cichlidae), with notes on diversity of the genus and biogeography of the Río de la Plata basin.
Zootaxa 2982: 1-26

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