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Austrolebias patriciae: first record from Argentina


Austrolebias patriciae from Río de Oro, 2 males and a juvenile female 
photos: Pablo Calviño

first record from Argentina:
Austrolebias patriciae Huber, 1995

type locality:
Paraguay, Departamento Presidente Hayes, route to Clorinda, 500 m S of Río Negro

distribution in Argentina:
Province of Chaco, Río Paraguay basin, temporary pools next to Ruta 11, 200 m from bridge over Río de Oro

In the description Huber mentioned a possible distribution for this species in Argentina.
Although the recent paper of Calviño dates from July 2005 I hesitated for nearly one more year to list Austrolebias patriciae as a species from Argentinean freshwaters here in PecesCriollos, first because the author himself showed some uncertainty by using A. cf. patriciae and second he announced to deposit the animals, at that time alive in his aquaria, one day in the future in ichthyological collections.
Meanwhile Jean Huber ( confirmed that the photos show animals that seem to be Austrolebias patriciae as described by him, and, more important, the results finally have been made reviewable as specimens have been deposited in collections (Calviño,
MACN 8876, 5 males, 29.8-33.6 mm SL
MLP 9655, 3 males, 37.6-43.0 mm SL

published in:
Calviño, P. (2005):
Hallazgo de Austrolebias cf. patriciae (Huber, 1995) en Argentina y una nueva localización de Neofundulus ornatipinnis Myers, 1935 en este país (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae).
Boletin del Killi Club Argentino 10: 14-25

abstract (from publication):
Austrolebias cf. patriciae (Huber 1995) is reported for the first time in Argentina and Neofundulus ornatipinnis Myers 1935, is found in same biotope. The specimens come from temporary pools next to the Río de Oro, draining in lower Paraguay river in the province of Chaco, and represents the most austral registry until today for both species.

Austrolebias patriciae - Calviño (2005) First record from Argentina [1 MB]
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