Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina
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changes published before 2003

Amaralia hypsiura is not a species from Argentina

Austrolebias robustus revalidated from A. bellottii / Megalebias elongatus

Characidium borellii valid and from Argentina

Cnesterodon raddai sp.nov.

Creagrutus beni - not a species from Argentina

Crenicichla semifasciata - confirmed species from Argentina

Homodiaetus vazferreirai is a synonym of H. anisitsi

Parodon suborbitalis is not from Argentina

Phenacogaster tegatus: first record from Argentina

Serrasalmus maculatus: a valid species from Argentina

Tridentopsis pearsoni is not a species from Argentina

Hypostomus roseopunctatus - first record from Argentina

Megaleporinus piavussu - first record from Argentina

Corydoras longipinnis - first record from Uruguay

Hoplias argentinensis - first record from Uruguay

Odontesthes argentinensis - first record from freshwaters in Argentina

Oligosarcus pintoi - first record from Argentina

Moenkhausia bonita - first record from Paraguay

Potamoglanis johnsoni comb.nov. from Trichomycterus

Schizodon altoparanae - first record from Paraguay

Pinirampus argentina comb.nov. from Megalonema

Farlowella azpelicuetae sp.nov. from Argentina

Jenynsia sulfurica sp.nov. from Argentina

Zungaro jahu - Paulicea gigantea is a jr. synonym

CLOFFAR - update 6

Steindachnerina nigrotaenia - resurrected from synonymy of S. brevipinna

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