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Cheirodon ibicuhiensis is a species from Argentina

Cheirodon ibicuhiensis
Cheirodon ibicuhiensis

confirmed as a species from Argentina:
Cheirodon ibicuhiensis   Eigenmann, 1915

type locality:
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Cacequi, Rio Ibicuí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Cheirodon ibicuhiensis was collected in 2001 from a small tributary of the río Uruguay in the Ubajay district, Entre Rios province, just north of the Parque Nacional El Palmar (ZFMK 39694-699).
Malabarba (2003) lists this species for the Uruguay river basin in Argentina without providing detailed locality data. Country assignments in Catalogue of Fishes and Fishbase are based on Malabarba.
The distribution of this species in Argentina was apparently confirmed recently by Mantinian et al. (2006).

published in:
Malabarba, L.R. (2003):
Cheirodontinae (characins, tetras). p. 215-221
In: Reis, R.E., S.O. Kullander & C.J. Ferraris (eds.):
Checklist of the freshwater fishes of South and Central America.
EDIPUCRS, Porto Alegre, 742 p.

Mantinian, J.E., A.M. Miquelarena & P.A. Scarabotti (2006):
Distribución y habitat de Cheirodon ibicuhiensis Eigenmann (Characiformes: Characidae) en la región Centro Este de Argentina.
Poster presented in:
Reunión Argentina de Ciencias Naturales +
IX Jornadas de Ciencias Naturales del Litoral
22.-24.11.2006, city of Paraná, Entre Rios, Argentina

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