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Crenicichla hadrostigma sp.nov.

Crenicichla hadrostigma holotype male
Crenicichla hadrostigma paratype female
Crenicichla hadrostigma, male holotype (above) and female paratype
photos: José Francisco (from publication)

new species:
Crenicichla hadrostigma Lucena, 2007

type locality:
Brazil, state of Santa Catarina, rio Chapecó, on the old road Coronel de Freitas-Quilombo, Vila São Miguel, Coronel de Freitas (26º51’26” S - 52º44’29” W); Holotype: MCP 40959 (1)

distribution in Argentina:
Misiones, Itacaruaré, 22 km to south of San Javier, rio Uruguay; non-type: AI 220 (1)

published in:
Lucena, C.A.S. ( 2007):
Two new species of the genus Crenicichla Heckel, 1840 from the upper rio Uruguay drainage (Perciformes: Cichlidae).
Neotropical Ichthyology 5 (4): 449-456 [download pdf]

abstract (from publication):
Two new species of the genus Crenicichla from the upper rio Uruguay basin are described, Crenicichla hadrostigma and C. empheres. Both are included in the C. missioneira species group along with C. missioneira, C. minuano, C. tendybaguassu, C. igara, and C. jurubi, all occurring in the upper and middle rio Uruguay drainage. Crenicichla hadrostigma is distinguished by the conspicuous ocellated posttemporal blotch, absence of a humeral spot and lateral band, and the presence in males of nine to 16 narrow vertical bars extending from the dorsum to a horizontal line that passes through the lower edge of pectoral axilla. Crenicichla empheres is distinguished from the other species of the missioneira-group by the presence of six to eight horizontally elongate dark blotches along the middle portion of the body, slightly below the upper lateral line, absence of a lateral band, presence in males of numerous dark and irregularly arranged spots on nape, back, and sides of body, and isognathous mouth. A key to the species from rio Uruguay basin is presented.

distribution (from publication):
Rio Uruguay and rio Chapecó, rio Uruguay drainage.

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