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Crenicichla jupiaensis - first record from Argentina

 Crenicichla jupiaensis (photo Ivan Sazima, Fishbase)
Crenicichla jupiaensis (photo: Ivan Sazima, FishBase)

first record from Argentina:
Crenicichla jupiaensis Britski & Luengo, 1968

published in:
Casciotta, J., A. Almirón, J. Bechara, F. Ruiz Díaz, S. Sánchez & A. González (2007): First record of Crenicichla jupiaensis Britski & Luengo, 1968 (Perciformes: Cichlidae) in freshwaters of Argentina. Ichthyological Contributions of PecesCriollos 4: 1-4 (available as pdf-file at since 08.x.2007)

type locality:
Brazil, between states of Mato Grosso and São Paulo, Rio Paraná, Salto de Urubupungá

distribution in Argentina:
Province of Corrientes, Río Paraná, close to city of Yahapé (27°22’12.1''S-57°39’14.6''W)

abstract (from publication):
Crenicichla jupiaensis is registered for the first time from the río Paraná in the northeast of Argentina. The specimens were captured at the left bank of the río Paraná close to Yahapé city (27°22’12.1''S-57°39’14.6''W), about 1,250 km southwest of the type locality. Crenicichla jupiaensis is sympatric with C. lepidota, C. semifasciata and C. vittata.

ICP 04 - Casciotta et al (2007) First record of Crenicichla jupiaensis in freshwaters of Argentina [968 KB]
CLOFFUY - update 3

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