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Crenicichla tesay sp.nov.

Crenicichla tesay holotype
Crenichla tesay, holotype (from publication)

new species:
Crenicichla tesay Casciotta & Almirón, 2008

published in:
Casciotta, J.R. & A.E. Almirón (2008):
Crenicichla tesay, a new species of cichlid (Perciformes: Labroidei) from the río Iguazú basin in Argentina.
Revue suisse de Zoologie 115 (4): 651-659

abstract (from publication):
Crenicichla tesay sp.n. differs from its congeners by the following combination of characters: posterior border of preopercle serrated, 48-59 scales on E1 row, snout length 2.6-2.8 times in head length, presence of conspicuous suborbital stripe, flanks with 4 to 6 blotches below the upper lateral line, posteriormost blotch extending on caudal peduncle. Colour pattern with numerous irregularly scattered dots, and absence of vertical stripes on flanks.

distribution and habitat (from publication):
Crenicichla tesay inhabits streams tributaries of the río Iguazú above Iguazú falls in Argentina.
The depth of the streams was variable, averaging about 80 cm. The bottom was composed of mud, sand and mostly stones, and the stream has falls with pools, with clear, rapidly flowing water. Some areas had scarce submerged vegetation.

Bibliographical data of this publication are provided in error on the first page of this paper. In the received separatum 115 (3): 651-660 is given. The correct data are 115 (4): 651-659. As informed by staff of the MHNG the number of the issue was set erroneously and the completely blank page 660 at the end was assigned to be part of this paper by the printer.

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