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Crenicichla ypo sp.nov.

Crenicichla ypo HT
Crenicichla ypo PT
Crenicichla ypo
, dead HT (above) and alive PT (below). (photos from publication)

new species:
Crenicichla ypo Casciotta, Almirón, Pialek, Gómez & Rican, 2010

type locality:
Argentina, Misiones, río Paraná basin, arroyo Urugua-í at Establecimiento “Alto Paraná”, approx. 25º57.9’S-54º06.5’W

distribution in Argentina:
only known from the following localities in the arroyo Urugua-í basin, province of Misiones
- arroyo Falso Urugua-í, 25º58’26.2”S-54º15’28.5”W
- arroyo Grapia, 6 km north from Colonia Gobernador J. J. Lanusse, approx. 25º52.2’S 54º10.4’W
- arroyo Uruzú at route 19, Parque Provincial Islas Malvinas, approx. 25º56.3’S 54º13.0’W
- arroyo Urugua-í and route 19, Parque Provincial Islas Malvinas, approx. 25º56.3’S 54º13.0’W
- arroyo Urugua-í in Isla Palacio, approx. 25º52.8’S 54º24.0’W

published in:
Casciotta, J., A. Almirón, L. Pialek, S. Gómez & O. Rican (2010):
Crenicichla ypo (Teleostei: Cichlidae), a new species from the middle Paraná basin in Misiones, Argentina.
Neotropical Ichthyology 8 (3): 643-648

abstract (from publication):
A new species of Crenicichla, C. ypo, is described from the Arroyo Urugua-í, a left-hand tributary of the middle Paraná River, Misiones province, Argentina. The new species is recognized by 6 to 8 irregular blotches along the upper lateral line, absence of scattered dark spots on flanks, low number (47-55) of E1 scales, and a slightly prognathous lower jaw. Females have a distinctive coloration of the dorsal fin, with a wide black longitudinal stripe on the distal portion with an equally wide red stripe below it.

CLOFFUY - update 3

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