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Cyanocharax macropinna is a jr. synonym of C. uruguayensis comb.nov.

Cyanocharax uruguayensis, young female
photo: Jürgen Pfleiderer

Cyanocharax macropinna Malabarba & Weitzman, 2003
is a junior synonym of
Cyanocharax uruguayensis (Messner, 1962) comb.nov.

published in:
Malabarba, L.R., S.H. Weitzman & T. Litz (2004):
Hyphessobrycon melanopleurus uruguayensis Messner, 1962, an available name and a senior synonym of Cyanocharax macropinna Malabarba & Weitzman, 2003 (Ostariophysi: Characidae).
Neotropical Ichthyology 2 (2): 99-102

abstract (from publication):
Hyphessobrycon melanopleurus uruguayensis, Astyanacinus platensis, and Astyanax stenohalinus, published in a mimeographed paper by Messner in 1962 are considered available names. The subspecific name H. melanopleurus uruguayensis is recognized as a senior synonym of Cyanocharax macropinna Malabarba & Weitzman, 2003, and therefore referred to as Cyanocharax uruguayensis (Messner, 1962), new combination.

Despite the fact that Cyanocharax macropinna now is a junior synonym, following § 67.1.2 of the ICZN, this taxon still is the type species of the genus Cyanocharax.
Find more information on the species in its record of Cyanocharax macropinna at PecesCriollos.

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