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Checklist of Catfishes: Ferraris 2007 compared to López et al. 2003


ACSI - All Catfish Species Inventory

The recently published ‘Checklist of Catfishes’ (Ferraris 2007) shows a considerable amount of differences to the siluriform taxa listed by López et al. (2003). These differences have been clustered and listed here in eight categories. The present list intents to draw attention on these differences and perhaps encourage further studies. The content of the list presented here will not be considered in future updates provided at PecesCriollos, as those should always be based on primary literature. Albeit some might appear at PecesCriollos as separate entries in the future.
Many first records of catfish taxa for Argentina, specially those published by early authors, might have been misidentifications. Catfishes listed for Argentina by López but not by Ferraris are not considered herein, as further studies have to proof their absence from argentinean waters or their identity with other taxa. These cases might be difficult to resolve until the specimens originally referred to, if available at all, are investigated.
Also, the following cases have not been considered for the present comparing list:
1. species listed as ‘especie limítrofe’ by López et al.
2. taxa listed as questionable synonyms by Ferraris
3. changes reported on already at PecesCriollos earlier
This list may be downloaded as pdf file at the end of this page.

published in:
Ferraris, C.J. (2007): Checklist of catfishes, recent and fossil (Osteichthyes: Siluriformes), and catalogue of siluriform primary types. Zootaxa 1418: 1-628

Siluriform taxa listed by Ferraris 2007 (F) that show differences to those of López et al. 2003 (L):

1. genera considered synonyms
Genera listed as valid by L and considered synonyms by F. Resulting new combinations are included in 2.

Macrotocinclus Isbrücker & Seidel, 2001
   L:   Otocinclus Cope, 1871
Paravandellia Miranda Ribeiro, 1912
   L:   Parabranchioica Devincenzi & Vaz-Ferreira, 1939
Zungaro Bleeker, 1863
   L:   Paulicea von Ihering, 1898

2. new combinations
Species that have been transferred to a genus different from the one used by L.

Bergiaria platana (Steindachner, 1908)
   L:   Iheringichthys platanus
Hisonotus maculipinnis (Regan, 1912)
   L:   Microlepidogaster m.
Imparfinis cochabambae (Fowler, 1940)
   L:   Pimelodella c.
Imparfinis hollandi Haseman, 1911
   L:   Pariolius h.
Megalonema argentina (MacDonagh, 1938)
   L:   Luciopimelodus argentinus
Olivaichthys cuyanus (Ringuelet, 1965)
   L:   Diplomystes c.
Olivaichthys mesembrinus (Ringuelet, 1982)
   L:   Diplomystes m.

3. species not listed by López et al. 2003
Species described from Argentina before 2003 not listed by L, but considered valid by F.

Hypostomus paranensis Weyenbergh, 1877
Xyliphius lombarderoi Risso & Risso, 1964

4. species in synonymy
Species listed as synonyms by F and considered valid by L.

Ageneiosus inermis (Linnaeus,1766)
   L:   A. brevifilis Valenciennes,1840
Ageneiosus militaris Valenciennes,1836
   L:   A. valenciennesi Bleeker, 1864
Hypostomus paranensis Weyenbergh, 1877
   L:   H. cordovae (Günther, 1880)
Paravandellia oxyptera Miranda Ribeiro, 1912
   L:   Parabranchioica teaguei Devincenzi & Vaz-Ferreira, 1939
   L:   Paravandellia bertoni Eigenmann, 1917
Pterygoplichthys ambrosettii (Holmberg, 1893)
   L:   Liposarcus anisitsi (Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903)
Zungaro zungaro (Humboldt, 1821)
   L:   Paulicea luetkeni Steindachner, 1877

5. incorrect spellings from § 34.2. ICZN
Species names with latinized endings that have not been corrected after being transferred to a genus with a different gender.

Hypoptopoma inexpectatum (Holmberg, 1893)
   L:   H. inexpectata
Steindachneridion scriptum (Miranda Ribeiro,1918)
   L:   S. scripta

6. wrong usage of (brackets) from § 51.3. ICZN
The brackets used correctly by F are missing in L and vice versa in case of present absence.

Auchenipterus osteomystax (Miranda Ribeiro, 1918)
Bergiaria westermanni (Reinhardt, 1874)
Brachyplatystoma filamentosum (Lichtenstein, 1819)
Hypostomus auroguttatus Kner, 1854
H. cochliodon Kner, 1854
H. ternetzi (Boulenger, 1895)
Megalonema platanum (Günther, 1880)
Microglanis cottoides (Boulenger, 1891)
Pimelodus maculatus Lacépède, 1803
Rineloricaria lima (Kner, 1853)
Trachelyopterus albicrux (Berg, 1901)
T. teaguei (Devincenzi, 1942)

7. differences in authorship or year of publication

Ancistrus cirrhosus (Valenciennes, 1836)
   L:   1840
Heptapterus mustelinus (Valenciennes, 1835)
   L:   1840
Hypophthalmus edentatus Spix & Agassiz, 1829
   L:   Spix
Hypostomus luteomacutus (Devincenzi in Devincenzi & Teague, 1942)
   L:   Devincenzi & Teague
Iheringichthys labrosus (Lütken, 1874)
   L:   Krøyer
Parapimelodus valenciennis (Lütken, 1874)
   L:   Krøyer
Pimelodella gracilis (Valenciennes, 1835)
   L:   1836
Rhinodoras dorbignyi (Kner, 1855)
   L:   Krøyer
Steindachneridion scriptum (Miranda Ribeiro, 1918)
   L:   Ribeiro
Zungaro zungaro (Humboldt, 1821)
   L:   1833

8. other differences

Epapterus dispilurus Cope, 1878
   L:   E. dispilunus
Hemisorubim platyrhynchos (Valenciennes, 1840)
   L:   H. platyrhynchus
Hypophthalmus oremaculatus Nani & Fuster, 1947
   L:   H. oreomaculatus
Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Spix & Agassiz, 1829)
   L:   P. coruscans

ICP 01 - Koerber (2007) Checklist of Catfishes - Ferraris (2007) compared to López et al. (2003) [56 KB]
CLOFFAR - 2nd edition

Scleronema milonga sp.nov. from Argentina

Scleronema macanuda sp.nov. from Uruguay

Scleronema teiniagua sp.nov. from Uruguay

Scleronema ibirapuita - first record from Uruguay

Scleronema minutum is a sr. synonym of Pygidium angustirostris

Scleronema operculatum - not a species from Argentina or Uruguay

CLOFFUY - update 3

Oligosarcus hepsetus - not a species from Argentina or Uruguay

Moenkhausia forestii - first record from Argentina

Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae - not a species from Argentina

Moenkhausia australis - confirmed for Argentina

Andromakhe gen.nov. - 5 comb.nov from Astyanax

Psalidodon - 30 comb.nov. from Astyanax

Psalidodon anisitsi comb.nov. from Hyphessobrycon

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