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Gymnogeophagus setequedas - first records from Argentina

Gymnogeophagus setequedas
Gymnogeophagus setequedas from Paraguay - photo: S.O. Kullander

first records from Argentina:
Gymnogeophagus setequedas Reis, Malabarba & Pavanelli, 1992

Although twice from single specimens only, this species is now known from two different locations in the lower Paraná basin in Argentina. The Santa Fé record has not been published in a paper so far, but details are provided at

type locality:
Paraguay, Province of Alto Paraná, Río Iguazú reservoir at Juan E. O'Leary, Rio Paraná drainage, about 55°30'S, 25°20'W

distribution in Argentina:
- Entre Rios, Diamante, lower Paraná basin, arroyo La Ensenada (32°02’56,4”S - 60°38’09,8’W)
- Santa Fé, San José del Rincón, lower Paraná basin, MCP 11903 (record from NeoDat database)

published in:
Almirón, A., J. Casciotta, L. Ciotek & P. Giorgis (2008): Guía de los peces del Parque Nacional Pre-Delta. Administración de Parques Nacionales. 215 p.

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