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Hoplias argentinensis sp.nov. from Argentina

Hoplias argentinensis
Hoplias argentinensis
, holotype (photo from publication)

new species:
Hoplias argentinensis Rosso, Mabragaña, González-Castro, Bogan, Cardoso, Mabragaña, Delpiani & Díaz de Astarloa, 2018

published in:
Rosso, J.J., M. González-Castro, S. Bogan, Y.P. Cardoso, E. Mabragaña, M. Delpiani & J.M. Díaz de Astarloa (2018):
Integrative taxonomy reveals a new species of the Hoplias malabaricus species complex (Teleostei: Erythrinidae).
Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 1076: 1-18 (online first version)

abstract (from publication):
By means of an integrative taxonomic approach, a new species of the H. malabaricus group from the Río de La Plata basin is described. Hoplias argentinensis, new species, is characterized by: 17-19 predorsal scales, 42-43 vertebrae, 20 scales around caudal peduncle, no distinctive brown bands in lower jaw, last series of vertical scales on caudal fin nearly straight, 41-44 lateral-line scales and snout width (18.4-24.9 % of SL). Hoplias argentinensis is discriminated from all other species of the H. malabaricus group by means of traditional characters, landmarksbased morphometrics and genetics. A key to species of the Hoplias malabaricus group is provided.

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