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Hoplias lacerdae - first record from Argentina

Hoplias lacerdae
Hoplias lacerdae (photo from Oyakawa & Mattox)

first record from Argentina:
Hoplias lacerdae Miranda Ribeiro, 1908

published in:
Rosso, J.J., E. Mabragaña, E. Avigliano, N. Schenone & J.M. Díaz de Astarloa (2013):
Short spatial and temporal scale patterns of fish assemblages in a subtropical rainforest mountain stream.
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment 48 (3): 199-209

abstract (from publication):
The fish fauna of a subtropical mountain stream in Argentina was surveyed for the first time. The abundance and occurrence of species were explored considering variation in hydrology, seasonality and the abiotic environment. We collected 221 individuals of 23 species from 10 families and four orders. Small sized species and small individuals dominated the fish fauna. The small characid Astyanax saguazu was the most conspicuous species. Hydrology, seasonal changes in water temperature and variation in water conductivity affected the abundance and distribution of fish. Hypobrycon maromba is recorded in Argentina for the first time.

Since Pecescriollos went online the mandatory principle that scientific results must be reproducible for later researchers recommended to ignore papers in which no information is provided that the respective material was deposited in a collection.
Hoplias lacerdae has been cited previously from Argentina by Araya et al. (2012), but for the above mentioned reason we decided to assign the first record for this species from Argentina to the paper of Rosso et al. (2013).
[Araya, P.R., L.M. Hirt & S.A. Flores (2012): Composición y abundancia de la comunidad íctica de la Reserva Biosfera Yabotí. Arroyo Yabotí. Misiones. Argentina. AquaTIC 36 :21–33]

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