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Phalloptychus januarius is not from Argentina

Phalloceros caudimaculatus from Lucinda 2008
Phalloceros caudimaculatus (from Lucinda 2008)

not a species from Argentina:
Phalloptychus januarius (Hensel, 1868)

published in:
Koerber, S. & T. Litz (2009):
On the erroneous records of Phalloptychus januarius (Hensel, 1868) from freshwaters of Argentina.
Ichthyological Contributions of PecesCriollos 15: 1-3
available as pdf-file at since 25.x.2009

abstract (from publication):
The poecillid species Phalloptychus januarius has been reported repeatedly from Argentina. The chronology of the records in literature is analyzed and the records of Phalloptychus januarius from Argentina are tentatively assigned to Phalloceros caudimaculatus.

ICP 15 - Koerber & Litz (2009) Phalloptychus januarius not from Argentina [185 KB]
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