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Phenacogaster tegatus: first record from Argentina


Phenacogaster tegatus, from Río Riachuelo, Corrientes, Argentina
photo: Stefan Körber

first record from Argentina:
Phenacogaster tegatus (Eigenmann, 1911)

type locality:
Brazil, Rio Jauru, upper Rio Paraguay basin. Holotype: FMNH [ex CM 3201] (missing or never at FMNH).

distribution in Argentina:
- Prov. Corrientes, Departamento Itatí, Puerto Abra
   (27°17’59”S 57°53’35”W)
- Prov. Corrientes, Departamento San Miguel, laguna Melilla
   (27°26’01”S 57°18’29”W)
- Prov. Corrientes, Departamento Ituzaingó, laguna Yacaré
   (27°35’23,9”S 56°45’16,2”W)
- Prov. Corrientes, Departamento San Cosme, río Riachuelo at bridge
   of RP 5 (aprox. 27°31’S 58°33’W)
All localities in río Paraná basin. First three records from publication; for the last one see ‘remarks’.

published in:
Casciotta, J.R., A.E. Almirón, S. Sanchez & J.A. Bechara (2001):
Phenacogaster tegatus (Eigenmann, 1911), un nuevo integrante de la ictiofauna continental Argentina.
Revista de Ictiología 9 (1/2): 1-3 [Corrientes, Argentina]

abstract (from publication):
The genus Phenacogaster has a wide geographical distribution in South America including the ríos Potaro and Tocantins, and Orinoco, Amazonas, San Francisco, and Paraguay basins, as well as coastal rivers from norteastern Brazil. In this paper, Phenacogaster tegatus is registered for the first time from the río Paraná basin in Argentina.

This species was also collected at 02.12.1994 by Stefan Körber & Jorge Osvaldo Fernández Santos at the bridge of RP 5 over Río Riachuelo and identified by Fernández Santos as Vesicatrus tegatus, who had offered this species earlier on stocklists for export of aquarium fishes to Europe and USA. No specimens were preserved from this collection but the above image shows an animal of this days catch.
FS remembers that with Lüling, whose guide he was when the german ichthyologist stayed in Argentina in 1975/76, they collected the species in this area and possibly specimens of Vesicatrus tegatus are available in the collections of MACN and/or ZFMK.

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