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Pseudobunocephalus iheringii + P. rugosus comb. nov.

Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi
Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi, type species of the new genus (photo from publication)

new combinations:
Pseudobunocephalus iheringii (Boulenger, 1891)
Pseudobunocephalus rugosus (Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903)

López et al. (2003) included these species in the genus Bunocephalus.

published in:
Friel, J.P. (2008): Pseudobunocephalus, a new genus of banjo catfish with the description of a new species from the Orinoco River system of Colombia and Venezuela (Siluriformes: Aspredinidae). Neotropical Ichthyology 6 (3): 293-300

abstract (from publication):
Pseudobunocephalus, a new genus of small banjo catfishes (< 80 mm SL), is distinguished from all other aspredinid genera by the following unique features: mandibular teeth restricted to a patch near symphysis of lower jaw; no contact between the metapterygoid and quadrate; autopalatine posteriorly forked with two separate cartilages; absence of the fourth pharyngobranchial; absence of gill rakers on all branchial arches; and lack of bifid hemal spines on vertebrae that articulate with anal-fin pterygiophores. As defined Pseudobunocephalus contains a new species, P. lundbergi from the Orinoco River basin, along with five other species previously assigned to the genus Bunocephalus: P. amazonicus, P. bifidus, P. iheringii, P. quadriradiatus, and P. rugosus.

CLOFFAR - 2nd edition

Scleronema milonga sp.nov. from Argentina

Scleronema macanuda sp.nov. from Uruguay

Scleronema teiniagua sp.nov. from Uruguay

Scleronema ibirapuita - first record from Uruguay

Scleronema minutum is a sr. synonym of Pygidium angustirostris

Scleronema operculatum - not a species from Argentina or Uruguay

CLOFFUY - update 3

Oligosarcus hepsetus - not a species from Argentina or Uruguay

Moenkhausia forestii - first record from Argentina

Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae - not a species from Argentina

Moenkhausia australis - confirmed for Argentina

Andromakhe gen.nov. - 5 comb.nov from Astyanax

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Psalidodon anisitsi comb.nov. from Hyphessobrycon

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