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Pterolebias bokermanni again considered a junior synonym of P. longipinnis

Pterolebias longipinnis, male from Argentina
photo: Pablo Calviño

see-saw changes: again considered a species from Argentina:
Pterolebias longipinnis Garman, 1895

López et al. (2003) listed Pterolebias longipinnis from Argentina, thus being P. bokermanni a jr. synonym as stated in earlier publications. In the same year Costa considered Pterolebias bokermanni a valid species (assigning the records from Argentina to this species) in two of his works.
This led to a listing of P. bokermanni as a valid species in an earlier version of and the here published updates 2, 3, and 4.
In a recent publication Costa (2005) places P. bokermanni again in the synonymy of P. longipinnis without giving references to his own works published in 2003.
Hence the listing of López et al. complies with the former and the current systematical situation of this species.

published in:
Costa, W.J.E.M. (2005):
The Neotropical annual killifish genus Pterolebias Garman (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae): phylogenetic relationships, descriptive morphology, and taxonomic revision.
Zootaxa 1067: 1-36

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