Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina
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Saccoderma hastata - not a species from Argentina

not a species from Argentina:
Saccoderma hastata (Eigenmann, 1913)

remarks (translated from publication):
The distribution of Saccoderma hastata is restricted to its type locality: the drainage of the río Magdalena, Colombia (Malabarba, 2003). This is confirmed in the present paper as the records of Ringuelet et al. (1967), sub Odontostilbe hastata, and Monasterio de Gonzo (2003) for the basin of río Juramento, Salta, correspond to Odontostilbe microcephala.

published in:
Miquelarena, A.M., J.E. Mantinián & H.L. López (2008):
Peces de la Mesopotamia Argentina (Characiformes: Characidae: Cheirodontinae).
Temas de la Biodiversidad del Litoral III.
Insugeo - Miscelanea 17: 51-90

abstract (from publication):
This work deals with the subfamily Cheirodontinae in Argentina, with special emphasis on the Mesopotamian Region. Descriptions are provided for the nine species present in this region, including morphological and biological features, distribution and observations. A key to Argentinian species is provided, as well as maps featuring the distribution of the subfamily in Argentina and that of the genera occurring in the Mesopotamian Region.

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Farlowella azpelicuetae sp.nov. from Argentina

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Zungaro jahu - Paulicea gigantea is a jr. synonym

CLOFFAR - update 6

Steindachnerina nigrotaenia - resurrected from synonymy of S. brevipinna

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