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Serrapinnus kriegi - first record from Uruguay

Serrapinnus kriegi
Serrapinnus kriegi
(photo from publication)

first record from Uruguay:
Serrapinnus kriegi (Schindler, 1937)

published in:
Serra, W.S., F. Scarabino & S. Paullier (2018):
First record of Serrapinnus kriegi (Schindler, 1937) and confirmed presence of S. calliurus (Boulenger, 1900) for Uruguay (Characiformes: Characidae).
Ichthyological Contributions of PecesCriollos 59: 1-6

abstract (from publication):
Specimens of the characid genus Serrapinnus housed in Uruguayan collections are reviewed to clarify their identities. Serrapinnus kriegi (Schindler, 1937) is recorded for the first time in the country while the presence of Serrapinnus calliurus (Boulenger, 1900), previously reported as Serrapinnus piaba (Lütken, 1875), is confirmed. Both were collected principally in the northern region of the country, in the Uruguay river basin. Fieldwork in other areas of the country suggests that these species are mainly restricted to the area herein reported, matching the distribution of other species. The historical presence of both species was confirmed from material deposited in collections since almost 50 years. This reinforces the relevance of scientific collections and the periodic conservation of large lots of specimens attributable to the same species that may eventually reveal to be species complexes.

ICP 59 - Serra et al (2018) First record of Serrapinnus kriegi from Uruguay [115 KB]
CLOFFAR - update 6

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