Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina
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Peces del Río Uruguay

Sverlij (1998) Peces del Rio Uruguay

Sverlij, S.B., R.L.D. Schenke, H.L. López & A. Espinach Ros (1998):
Peces del Río Uruguay.
105 pp., 29x21 cm
C.A.R.U., Montevideo, Uruguay
spanish, paperback
1st. edition, ISBN 9974563186

summary / jacket text:
Systematical account and common names of both, freshwater and marine fishes of Uruguay.

Silvinichthys pachonensis sp.nov. from Argentina

Microglanis nigrolineatus sp.nov. from Argentina

Hoplias misionera sp.nov. from Argentina

Neofundulus paraguayensis is a sr. synonym of N. ornatipinnis

Papiliolebias bitteri is a sr. synonym of P. hatinne

Austrolebias bellottii is a sr. synonym of A. apaii

Austrolebias robustus is a sr. synonym of A. nonoiuliensis

CLOFFAR - update 2

Astyanax xiru - first record from Argentina

CLOFFUY - update 2

Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura sp.nov. from Uruguay

Hypostomus formosae sp.nov. from Argentina

Diapoma pyrrhopteryx - first record from Argentina

Amaralia oviraptor sp.nov. from Argentina

Microglanis carlae - first records from Argentina

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