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Trichomycterus hualco sp.nov.

 Trichomycterus hualco sp nov - holotype
Trichomycterus hualco, holotype (from publication)

new species:
Trichomycterus hualco Fernández & Vari, 2009

published in:
Fernández, L. & R.P. Vari (2009):
New Species of Trichomycterus from the Andean Cordillera of Argentina (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae).
Copeia 2009 (1): 195-202

abstract (from publication):
Trichomycterus hualco, new species, is described from an Andean stream in the Provincia de La Rioja, Argentina. The new species is distinguished from other species of Trichomycterus in the combination of the number of odontodes on the opercle and interopercle, the degree of exposure of the odontodes on the interopercle, the form of the premaxillary teeth, the presence of papillae-like structures on the body, the number of vertebrae, the position of the first proximal dorsal-fin pterygiophore, the form of the supraorbital canal within the frontal, the length of the lateral-line canal, and various meristic features.

distribution (from publication):
Trichomycterus hualco is only known from the type locality that lies within a region with few drainage systems and a depauperate ichthyofauna. Trichomycterus hualco is the third fish species apparently endemic to La Rioja Province, with the others being the congeneric T. riojanus and T. pseudosilvinichthys. This situation is not surprising because the Trichomycteridae is the only native fish family in this region that straddles the area of contact between the ‘‘Paranaense’’ and ‘‘Andean’’ ichthyofaunas discussed by previous authors (Ringuelet, 1975; Arratia et al., 1983; Menni, 2004). Members of the Trichomycteridae seem well adapted to the high elevation wetlands, temporary endorrheic or poorly drained basins, and occasional permanent watercourses fed by snow melt of higher elevations (Lo´pez et al., 2002), all of which are habitats typical of Provincia de La Rioja.


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