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Cichlasoma scitulum sp.nov.


Cichlasoma scitulum, from locality of paratypes from Argentina
photo: Stefan Körber

new species:
‚Cichlasoma’ scitulum   Rican & Kullander, 2003

type locality:
Uruguay, Departamento Colonia, Río de La Plata basin, Río Rosario drainage, Arroyo Colla, 500 m upstream from mouth into Río Rosario, upstream Paso Arballo (34°19’07”S 59°20’13”W); Holotype NRM 36647 (male, 88.5 mm SL)

distribution in Argentina:
Province of Entre Rios, Colón, Río Uruguay basin, Arroyo EL Palmar, 200 m upstream from crossing road RN 14 (31°53’55”S 58°19’55”W); Paratypes NRM 33048 + 39814

A new species from the ‘Cichlasoma’-facetum-group, which still lacks a new generic name since taken out from Cichlasoma by Kullander in 1983.

published in:
Rican, O. & S. Kullander (2003):
‚Cichlasoma’ scitulum: A new species of cichlid fish from the Río de La Plata region in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.
Copeia 2003 (4): 794-802

abstract (from publication):
'Cichlasoma’ scitulum, new species, is described from the Río Rosario drainage in the Río de La Plata region of Uruguay, and from lower Río Uruguay tributaries in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. It is easily distinguished from the other two species of the ‘Cichlasoma’-facetum-group in meristic and coloration characters. ‘Cichlasoma’ scitulum has the highest anal-fin spine counts of the three species and it is also characterized by having black-spotted dorsal, anal and caudal fins and flanks and opercular sclaes.








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