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Epactionotus aky sp.nov.

Epactionotus aky, lateral view 

Epactionotus aky,
dorsolateral view
photos: Ingo Seidel

Epactionotus aky, Holotype
photo: Jorge R. Casciotta

new species:
Epactionotus aky Azpelicueta, Casciotta, Almirón & Körber, 2004

type locality:
Argentina, Province of Misiones, río Uruguay basin, Arroyo Garibaldi (26°38’46.1”S-53°59’55”W); Holotype AI 125 (30.5 mm SL)

distribution in Argentina:
- type locality
- Province of Misiones, río Uruguay basin, Arroyo Fortaleza at bridge of RP 21, from Paraíso to Salto del
   Moconá, about 7 km down from Paraíso, (26°45’57”S-54°10’56.5”W); Paratypes MHNG 2643.39 (2)

published in:
Azpelicueta, M., J.R. Casciotta, A.E Almirón & S. Körber (2004):
A new species of Otothyrini (Siluriformes: Loricariidae: Hypoptopomatinae) from the Río Uruguay basin, Argentina.
Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ichthyologie 4 : 81-90

abstract (from publication):
A new species of the tribe Otothyrini is described from the Río Uruguay basin in Misiones, Argentina. Epactionotus aky n.sp. was collected in the streams Fortaleza and Garibaldi; both streams are headwaters of the arroyo Yabotí-Guazú. The new species is diagnosed by the following combination of characters: 1) 21 to 23 lateral plates; 2) light stripes extended from snout tip to supraoccipital level; 3) caudal fin with dark vertical stripes; 4) ventral surface of body completely covered by small platelets; 5) 1-4 feeble serrae on distal portion of pectoral spine posterior margin.

distribution (from publication):
This species is known from the arroyos Garibaldi and Fortaleza. Both streams are headwaters of the arroyo Yabotí-Guazú, which flows into the río Uruguay, in the argentinean province of Misiones

Epactionotus aky - Azpelicueta et al. (2004): A new species of Otothyrini from rio Uruguay basin in Argentina [2 MB]
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