Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina Peces Criollos - Freshwater Fishes of Argentina
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welcome at PecesCriollos

The aim of this page is to provide a permanently updated list of the freshwater fishes from Argentina and Uruguay for the ichthyological community and anyone else interested in the subject.

PecesCriollos is based for Argentina on the ‘Lista comentada de peces continentales de la Argentina’ published by López et al. in 2003 .
The basis for the Uruguay-section is the CLOFFUY released by Litz & Koerber in 2014.
All systematical changes that have been published since then, will allways be included in as soon as possible. 

Epactionotus aky, dorsolateral view (photo Ingo Seidel)

Regular updates will be provided as pdf-downloads. Notification about new versions will be send to anyone interested upon request.

Please check our partner section. Without their financial and technical support would not have been possible.



Poecilia vivipara is not a species from Argentina

Pimelodus argenteus is a sr. synonym of P. brevis

Argentina: UPDATE 15

Rineloricaria reisi - first record from Argentina

Rineloricaria stellata - first record from Argentina

Rineloricaria zaina - first record from Argentina

Eurycheilichthys pantherinus - first record from Argentina

CLOFFUY - Update 1

Hypostomus latifrons - first record from Argentina

Peckoltia vittata - not a species from Argentina

Cichlasoma portalegrense - first record from Uruguay

Odontesthes argentinensis - first record from Uruguay

Gymnotus inaequilabiatus - first record from Uruguay

Apteronotus ellisi - first record from Uruguay

Hisonotus armatus - first record from Uruguay

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