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Platydoras armatulus is a valid species from Argentina

Platydoras armatulus
from Casciotta, Almirón & Bechara (2005


Considered a valid species from Argentina:
Platydoras armatulus   (Valenciennes in Cuvier & Val., 1840)

Casciotta, Almirón and Bechara (2005) treat Platydoras armatulus as a valid species from Argentina.
Earlier authors from Argentina (Ringuelet & Arámburu 1961, Ringuelet et al. 1967, López et al. 1987, López et al. 2003) list Platydoras costatus (Linnaeus, 1766) as the only member of this genus being part of the argentinean ichthyofauna. Ringuelet et al. (1967) consider P. armatulus a junior synonym of P. costatus. The recent paper seems to be the first one published by authors from Argentina that treats P. armatulus as a valid species
Piorski (1999) states that P. costatus might be restricted to the Amazonian basin and refers to an unpublished work of Higuchi (1992), who identifies the species found in the Paraná-Paraguay system as Platydoras armatulus. Sabaj & Ferraris (2003) list the Paraná river basin (distribution) and Argentina (countries) in the species record of Platydoras armatulus and restrict P. costatus to the Amazon basin and the northern portions of South America.

type locality:
Rio Paraná, South America

distribution in Argentina:
- Esteros del Iberá
- basins of ríos Paraná, Uruguay, Paraguay, de la Plata
- Argentina north of río Salado in Buenos Aires province which marks the most southern limit of its distribution

published in:
Casciotta, J.R., A.E Almirón & J. Bechara (2005):
Peces del Iberá - Hábitat y Diversidad. 
La Plata, Argentina; 244 pp.

other references:
other authors from Argentina >

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