new species:
Rineloricaria isaaci Rodríguez & Miquelarena, 2008

type locality:
Argentina, Province of Entre Rios, Uruguay river basin, Los Loros stream (31°52’S – 58°14’W); holotype: MACN-Ict 8969 (male, 106 mm)

published in:
Rodríguez, M.S. & M.A. Miquelarena (2005):
Rineloricaria isaaci (Loricariidae: Loricariinae), a new species of loricariid catfish from the Uruguay River basin.
Journal of Fish Biology 73 (7): 1635-1647

abstract (from publication):
Rineloricaria isaaci is described from tributaries of the Uruguay River basin in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The new species is distinguished by having a long and wide area of naked skin at the snout tip, surpassing the anteriormost pore of the infraorbital ramus of the sensory canal, approximately in the middle of the third postrostral plate, and by its particular sexual dimorphism characterized by the long pectoral and pelvic fins of mature males.

distribution & habitat (from publication):
Distributed in tributaries of the Uruguay River drainage, inhabiting watercourses with clear water, rocky and sandy bottom, with irregularly distributed small stones, cobbles and boulders. One of the tributaries, the Los Loros stream, has very shallow portions where the stones limit the water flow and deep portions of ca. 1 m depth. On the other hand, the El Pelado stream has portions with fast water and up to 60 cm depth, and deeper portions with c. 2 m depth and abundant submerged vegetation.